Ashreigney Parish Council is a committee of dedicated parishioners who freely give their time to support the Parish and enhance the village we live in.

Details of the Committee are listed below.

Contact details for individual Councillors are not provided, at their request.  However, the Parish Council can be contacted via email - and further contact details are available on the Parish Council noticeboards.

Desmond Hellyer - Chairman of Ashreigney Parish Council

Desmond has been re-elected as the Chairman of Ashreigney Parish Council following the recent elections.Desmond is our longest serving Councillor, and we are fortunate to have his wealth of experience to draw on.


Desmond can be contacted by contacting the Parish Clerk on the following contact details:

Tel: 01769 520273 or 078 172 30 815.


Julian Parfitt - Vice Chairman of Ashreigney Parish Council.

Julian was nominated as Vice-Chairman of Parish Council in May 2019.

Robert Cole - Parish Councillor

Steve Johns - Parish Councillor

Dr. Sue Kirkup - Parish Councillor

Stephen Middleton - Parish Councillor

Andrew Thorne - Parish Councillor

Sue Tillyer - Parish Councillor